Windows Trick : The Private Character Editor

Here’s another Windows Trick, you might want to check it out :

Assume that you want to create your own symbol that you wish to insert into Ms-Word or any other application. For Example, you need to insert the new Rupee ‘ ? ‘ in your word document and you have no access to the internet to download its font or symbol code. In such cases, you can use the Private Character Editor.

Here’s how:

1. Goto Run.
2. Type ‘eudcedit’ and hit Enter.
3. This opens up the Private Character Editor. Select any address location for your symbol and hit ok.
4. Draw your symbol using your mouse.
5. After you finish, goto File > Font Links. Click Yes when asked for ‘Save Your Character’.
6. In the ‘Font Links’ Dialog Box, click ‘Link with All Fonts’ and click OK.
7. Thats it. You’re all done. For testing your character, open up Wordpad.
8. Then once again, goto Run. Type in ‘charmap’ and hit Enter.
9. Set the font to ‘All Fonts (Private Characters)’. You can see your symbol in the address location you had saved it. Double Click on it and click ‘Copy’.
10. Goto Wordpad and Paste (Ctrl+V) it. Thats it! You’ve successfully designed your own Unicode Private Character!

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