Fedora 15 – Linux Experience with GNOME 3 Goodness

Fedora has always been an top-class linux operating system but I tend to move to Ubuntu for its sleek and intuitive interface and visual style. But with the release of the Fedora 15, I guess I’ll be doing a shift real soon because this new version of Fedora has proved its worth with its new look, thanks to the GNOME 3 desktop environment.  Let’s take a look at some of its top new features that makes it apart from the other Linux OSes.

Of course, the visual style of Fedora has changed only because of GNOME 3 and the following features actually represent the power of GNOME and not the Fedora operating system itself.

After Booting,

After installing Fedora 15, the default wallpaper is the one that comes with GNOME 3. It looks like the Fedora team has not personalized any of the default things, like what the Ubuntu team did to their Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity Interface.

The visual style looks modern and keeps it pace with today’s Windows and Mac operating system and left its old-school looks. But it seems that it also borrowed some window management features from these proprietary closed operating systems. The windows can be managed by moving our mouse to the upper left and we can see an overview of all the windows that have been opened in a single unified place just like Mac OS X’s Exposé. Also, we can see the workspaces on the right side of the screen. And on the left, we can see the icons of the windowed processes that are running.  We can also switch to the ‘Applications’ view to take a look at all the applications that have been installed on the hard drive, which looks more like Mac OS X Lion’s Launchpad.  The applications that are opened have a white shade below them.

Window Snapping:

Like in Windows 7, we can snap windows to the left, right to have comparative view and we can snap it to the top for maximizing it.  This makes the windows management very easy now on linux and I’m very thankful for this since I wanted this so badly. But still, this feature is not even available on Mac OS X Lion.

Other Features:

Gnome 3 makes the desktop very clean and neat so that we can have a lot of space and can concentrate on our work without any distractions. It stores all the notifications in the notification bar on the bottom of the screen and by default it is hidden. When your move your mouse to the bottom, the notification fades up and you can see them which includes the music player controls, chat notifications, email, error messages and other system messages.

Calender Popup:

Rhythmbox Controls:

Chat nofitications:

Menu Popup:

Alt + Tab :

Switching between windows in GNOME 3 is just like in Windows 7 and addition to it, each windows display its child windows with an arrow if they have multiple windows running, sort of like Aero Peek in Windows 7.

A Typical window in GNOME 3:

A window has a big close button ‘X’ on its right side and there is no sign of the minimize button. Either we have to click on the menu bar to minimize or we should right click and select minimize for doing that. Other window management buttons are replaced with the snapping gestures. But this can be changed using the themes. The window has a black shade as it does on a Mac operating system.  Here, we can see a typical window of the File Manager.

Things that I don’t like:

I’ve been playing around with this, not more than 10 minutes but I can’t seem to find the Shut down and Restart buttons. Instead we have a suspend button that just turns off the system like a hibernate mode. Pressing the power button on the system also does not bring up the options as it did in the previous versions of Fedora, instead it just abruptly shuts down the system. I also don’t like missing icons on the window, which makes it a bit tough when I have a lot of processes running.

But overall, Fedora 15 with GNOME 3 is very good, looks stunning with clean and sleek windows and I’ll give it a try to be my mainstream linux operating system.

ElamParithi Arul is Editor At Large and the Owner of Tech Twinklers. He is the founder of the Parithi Network. Basically being a 23 year old Whizkid, He's A Mac User. An Adventurer. A Tech Enthusiast, An Avid PC and PlayStation Gamer, A Hobbyist Photographer and a Nature Lover. His basic interests are developing Websites, Apps and coming up with various creative ideas for a better vibrant tomorrow. He is a professional blogger for about 4 years and writes blogs regarding technology, gaming, and about his own personal life. You can follow him on Twitter at @Parithi

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  • chris
    July 12, 2011 at 3:22 AM

    FYI: If you hold down “Alt” while in the user menu, “Suspend” changes to “Shutdown”.

  • khmerlinuxboy
    August 28, 2011 at 5:39 AM

    Hello, Everybody I want to how make my fedora 15 for good and beautiful this website give example for me!

    Who can tell me?????????

  • tamashebi
    September 21, 2011 at 11:53 AM

    my style on fedora was changed, and language has changed. please help meeeeeee

    • Parithi
      September 22, 2011 at 5:07 PM

      Can you give more info about your problem? We are happy to help you…


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