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Hello everyone!!  Here’s the second volume of the aptitude questions. Hope you can understand them, I’ve given the answers in the bottom with explanation. pls let me know if you have any doubts by commenting in the comment section below


1. It’s always 1 to 6, it’s always 15 to 20, it’s always 5, but it’s never 21, unless it’s flying. What is this?

2. In a Bus there are 7 people.Each one carry 7 bags. Each bag contains 7 cat.Each cat carry 7 small cats. How many legs are there in the bus?

3.  361 -> 22
121 -> 14
81 -> 12
25 -> X
What is the value of X?

4. The poor have it, the rich want it, but if you eat it you will die. What is it?

5.  A chicken farmer has some cows also. There are 30 animals in his farm in total, 30 animals have 74 legs. How many chickens does the farmer have?

6.  The government pays farmers a specific fee for each row of four trees that they plant. An enterprising, but dishonest farmer found a way of planting five rows of four trees using only ten trees. How did he do it?

7.  I have head and tail, but no body. Who am i?

8. How can you make 125 with five zeros?

9. Mary’s mum has four children.

The first child is called April.

The second May.

The third June.

What is the name of the fourth child?

10. Where can you find the month August before July?





1. A Dice

Explanation: “It’s always 1 to 6”: the numbers on the faces of the dice, “it’s always 15 to 20”: the sum of the exposed faces when the dice comes to rest after being thrown, “it’s always 5”: the number of exposed faces when the dice is at rest, “but it’s never 21”: the sum of the exposed faces is never 21 when the dice is at rest, “unless it’s flying”: the sum of all exposed faces when the dice is flying is 21 (1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6).

2.  14 legs (Only 7 people leg is there in the bus and the cats are there in the bags)

3. 8

Explanation:  square root of the number on the left + 3

ie squareroot(25) = 5 + 3 = 8

4. Nothing

Poor man  have nothing. Rich man want nothing.  if you eat nothing, you will die.

5.  This is a typical algebra problem with two unknowns, and we need to have two equations to solve the problem. Let X be the number of cows, and Y the number of chickens.

The number of cows plus the number of chickens equals 30:
X + Y = 30

Since cows have four legs and chickens have two legs, we can also have an equation for the number of legs.

4 X + 2 Y = 74

Rearranging the first equation we get

X = 30 – Y

Substituting X in the second equation gives us

4 × (30 – Y) + 2 Y = 74

120 – 4 Y + 2 Y = 74

-2 Y = 74 – 120 = -46

Y = 23

The farmer has 23 chickens. (and 7 cows).

6.  The farmer planted the ten trees in the shape of a star to get five rows of four trees.
7. Coin

8. 0!=1

so (0!+ 0!+0!+0!+0!)! =(1+1+1+1+1)!=5!=125

9. Mary

10. In Dictionary

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