Google is ready to pwn Facebook with Google+ ?

So today, Google Officially announced its brand new project Google+, which is a social network strategy against the world’s 2nd most visited site and the #1 social network, Facebook. We’ve been hearing rumors about this for a very long time, and now it has been finally revealed through the official Google blog.

We’ve been seeing the mysterious black navigation pane in the Google homepage for the past week and now its confirmed that its going to be there forever.  It’s the first step what Google for launching its social network.  Of course, there has been a lot of small-talks  that no one can defeat the Giant Facebook, but it looks like Google can accomplish this mighty task now with its mind blowing features that it has integrated into the Google+ Project. Let’s take a look at each of them.


  • So, we have a lot of friends on Facebook ranging from 100s to 1000s. But do we really care about all of them? Clearly the answer is No. We use a social network only to connect with those who matter most at certain time.
  • Circles is like Groups. You can create circles for grouping your friends like Neighbors, Colleagues, Classmates and Family.
  • You can use it to share your content to that particular group.
  • Sparks

    • At time, we tend to talk about some thing which interests us. But we don’t get the right audience to talk about it. So we think about it ourselves and stop it without sharing it to anyone.
    • Well, Google Sparks fixes that.  Under sparks, you can type in your topic which interests you most at that time, and your friends will see your sparks in their sidebar.
    • If they are interested to talk about that, we’ll join in and start sharing content about that with you. You can share links, photos, videos regarding that topic with the people who are in that group with you at that particular time. So, Goodbye Loneliness.


    • We all love hanging out, and we love to sit and talk with friends when we have free time.
    • Google Hangout does that virtually, it creates an on-screen video chat with your friends as if they are virtually there with you.
    • You can create group video calls, which seems to be a Skype Killer.


    • A Mobile phone is always with us and its the perfect accessory to share anything, anywhere, anytime.
    • With Google+’s instant uploads, you can capture any moment and send it to your computer without a hassle.
    • When you take a photo, Google+ stores it in the cloud and pushes it to all your devices so that you can preview it later in time and also share the photos with your friends instantly.


    • Sometimes we wish to do something with friends together but it can be big struggle since each of them will have their own scheduled works.
    • With Huddle, you can share them with group messaging to let your friends inside your circle know what’s going on, right this second. No more phone calls and no more sluggish group texting.

    Google+ is now on a Field Trial. So it can be accessed through invitations only. Check out the Interactive tour at

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