Indent One Line With Two Alignments!

You can indent one line with two alignments!!!

We can do that by using space bar but when you edit it may get collapsed. To rectify this we can use this method!!

1. Type the content to be aligned in the left of the line and click on LEFT ALIGN button.

2. We have to create a tab in the horizontal scroll bar. Before create a tab the scroll bar look like this.

3. Just click the mouse pointer where you want to align the text to the right in horizontal scroll bar. Now you can see the tab near “4”. 4. Then click on the created tab. You will get a window named Tabs. In that window select “Right” under “Alignment” option.

5. Press Tab key in the keyboard, the cursor will move to the created tab place.

6. Now you can type the text to align in the right.

7. Example:

Address:                                                                     Coimbatore.

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