Infosys Aptitude Question …

1.At 6’o a clock ticks 6 times.
The time between first and last ticks is 30 seconds.
How long does it tick at 12’o clock.

Ans: 66 sec.
2. Three friends divided some bullets equally.
After all of them shot 4 bullets the total number of bullets remaining is equal to the bullets each had after division.
Find the original number divided.

Ans: 18

Initially   .    x          x        x
Now          x-4       x-4     x-4
Equation is   3x-12 = x
3. A ship went on a voyage.
After it had travelled 180 miles a plane started with 10 times the speed of the ship.
Find the distance when they meet from starting point.

Ans: 200miles.
Distance travelled by plane = 1/10 distance travelled by ship + 180
4.  Complete the Table given below:

Three football teams are there. Given below is the group table. Fill in the x’s

Played Won Lost Draw Goals For Goals Against

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