Lets Talk to Google : Google adding Voice and Image Search

Google going to hear all our voice soon.

Google Bringing new features of Voice and image search soon, the company said at a news conference at san francisco.

The speech recognition tool will be there at right hand side of the Google.com search box. It will only be available for chrome browser for now but Google executives say they hope other software makers implement the technology to support the feature.

Like on Android or the Google application for the iPhone, people can click the mic icon on Google.com, and say a phrase or question into their computer microphone.

Try Google Voice search now.

Google search by images:

The image search feature will start rolling out in few days,said Johanna Wright, a Google search director. “Every picture has a story, and we want to help you discover that story,” she said.

Search by image is a feature that lets you just drag a image to Google search box that search using that image.

  • You can drag and drop image from and site.
  • You can copy and paste the The image URL to search box.
  • You can upload a image from your system.
  • You Download a browser extension for Google Chrome or Firefox And you can search any image in the web by simply RIght clicking the image.

Google uses computer vision techniques to match your image to other images in the Google Images index and additional image collections.

When you search by images you will get different Results than your normal images result page. The major difference is here you will get non-image results like web pages that is relevant to the image that you searched for.

The result might include some elements in below:

  • Preview image: see a small version of the image that you searched with. (Note that if you return to that results page after a certain time, you may not see this image anymore.)
  • Best guess: if our system can find a text description for your image, you’ll see it appear as a link to further search results. You might also see a few top web results for that text query. To change your search, edit or add to the best guess by typing in the search bar.
  • Visually similar images: see a set of images that are close matches to the image that you searched with. Click the link to see additional images that are similar.
  • Pages that include matching images: see web pages that show your image on their site
  • Other searches related to this image: if our system finds more than one “best guess” description, you’ll see them as links at the bottom of the page. Click one to see full search results for that query.

Try Google’s Image search now.


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