Make Your Windows 7 Run Faster.

The minimum Requirements you want to run windows 7 ,

  • 1GHz processor (32- or 64-bit)
  • 1GB of main memory
  • 16GB of available disk space
  • Support for DX9 graphics with 128MB of memory (for the Aero interface)
  • A DVD – R/W drive

    Lets start the guidelines for speed up windows 7

    1. Removing Spywares and viruses:

    Viruses and spywares are the main reason for slowing down the Windows performance. To avoid this and ensure that we are not affected by this  spyware or virus attack we should check it for regular basis. For compact spyware you might want to consider using this free spyware scan Microsoft Safety scanner. This will scan your system for spywares and viruses. and for looking free antivirus i found Avast offering for one year free antivirus you can download it here.

    2.Free up disk space:

    The disk clean up tool will help to clean temporary files and improve pc’s performance.

    To delete temporary files Press Ctrl+R This will open Run dialog box then type temp this will open up temporary files press Ctrl+A and press Delete to delete all files. and you can type prefetch and delete  this files.

    Right click on the recycle bin and select Empty recycle bin.

    Go to control panel and select Programs and features and select the programs you don’t use more and click uninstall.

    3.Disabling unwanted services and startup items:

    • Press Ctrl+R to enable the Run dialog box and type msconfig select services in that and un tick the services you don’t use such as if you don’t use a printer then print spooler is not  needed all times you can disable it . the list below are not used for all users check it and disable it for u r preference.
    • Computer Browser (If your PC does not connect to any network),Windows Time (If you do not want to synchronize system time with internet  automatically),Remote Registry (You can safely disable it for more Security), Server, Tablet PC Input Service.
    • Then select startup and un select the items that you don’t want to start when your system booting.

    4.Setup windows 7 Ready boost service To Use your Perdrive as RAM:

    • To configure ready boost service you need a fast usb/flash or pen drive for you which is ready boost compatible.
    • After plugging in the USB drive go to “computer”  Right click on Flash/usb drive then select properties select Readyboost tab and you can specify how much memory you want to use in this as RAM.

    This Will improve your system’s performance greatly.You c5an experiencing it when you launching a bulky application such as Adobe photoshop.

    5.Some essential softwares to Speedup windows 7 :

    In order to make your system very fast there are some softwares available i lest some of them above. it is better to run these at least once in a week to keep your system Speed and good performance.

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