Technologies And Their Founders

Here are few technologies and founders. By Which you can improve your General Knowledge!!!


Aircel C.Sivasankaran
Airtel Sunil Bharti Mittal
Amazon Jeffrey P. Bezos
AMD *Jerry Sanders III

*Ed Turney

*John Carey

*Sven Simonsen

*Jack Gifford

*Gifford’s team

*Frank Botte

*Jim Giles

*Larry Stenger

Apple Steve Jobs
Avast Antivirus Eduard Kucera

Pavel Baudis

C Dennis Richi
C++ Bjarne  Stroustrup
Cisco Systems *Len Bosack

*Sandy Lerner

*Richard Troiano

Dell Michael Saul Dell
eBay Pierre Omidyar
Facebook Mark Zuckerberg
Ford Henry Ford
Google *Larry Page

*Sergey Brin

HCL Shiv Nadar
HP *Bill Hewlett

* Dave Packar

HTML Tim Berners Lee
IBM Thomas J. Watson
Infosys * N R Narayana Murthy

* Nandan Nilekani

* N. S. Raghavan

* Kris Gopalakrishnan

* S. D. Shibulal

* K. Dinesh

* Ashok Arora

Intel Gordon Earle Moore
Internet Tim Berners-Lee
Java James Gosling
Lenovo Liu Chuanzhi
Linux Linus Torvalds
Microsoft Bill Gates
Mozilla Firefox Blake Ross
Netscape *James H. Clark

*Marc Andreessen

Nokia Fredrik Idestam
Opera Jon von Tetzchner
Oracle Larry Ellison
Perl Larry Wall
PHP Rasmus Lerdorf
Python Guido Van Rossum
Reliance Dhirubhai H. Ambani
Samsung Lee Byung-chul
Sony Akio Morita
TCS (IT) S.K. Gupta
Twitter Jack Dorsey
USB Ajay Bhatt(INTEL)
Vodafone Julian Horn-Smith
Wifi Alex Kanakaris
Wikipedia Jimmy Wales
Wipro Azim Hasam Premji
XML Tim Bray
Yahoo *Jerry Yang

*David Filo

Youtube *Chad Hurley

* Steve Chen

* Jawed Karim



I hope it is useful for you. Share your ideas about any technologies in the comments below :):)

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