Top 15 Tips To Face An Interview!

Here are 15 tips you can follow while you attend an interview!!

1. Prepare your resume which shows all your achievements upto date.

2. Know the nature of the company and their requirements for the job.

3. Be in proper Dress code.

4. Reach the interview place earlier than the prescribed the time.

5. Be positive and energetic.

6. Accept the mistake or if you don’t know any answers.

7. Don’t get discouraged during Interviews.

8. Be relaxed or don’t show your tension.

9. Stand with good posture.

10. While answering the questions

• Listen carefully the question and then answer.

• Provide examples.

• Have eye contact.

• Speak clearly.

• Never blame anyone

• Give your answers in point

11. Be clear with your project and try to explain in maximum of 5 to 10 minutes.

12. Avoid using mobile phones.

13. Know your weakness and try to avoid them or find correct reason for that.

14. Don’t feel shy to answer. Be an enthusiastic person.

15. Don’t forget to wish the Panel while you enter and come out.

I hope it is useful for you. If you have any suggestions post that in comments below and share your ideas and experience.
All the best!!!

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1 Comment

  • panneer selvam
    June 30, 2011 at 4:50 AM

    and an important point , always keep pen with u , while attending interviews 🙂


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