Two days before i had a big doubt about the major processor brands Intel and AMD which one is best…what is difference between Intel and AMD? which is better? what all the unique features they having? and i started discovering it and finally came to decision…here i provide what i found….




Created at 1968

Created at 1969

Bigger company

Smaller company

Bad performance in overclocking

Good performance in overclocking

Intel is usually placed with Nvidia

AMD is usually placed with ATI



Don’t have integreated memory controller

Have integreated memory controller

Intel’s Latest Processor:

2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7

Specification :

Process type : 45 nm

Cache : 8 MB

Clock speed : 2,80 GHz

Cores/threads : 4/8

Turbo boost technology : 2.0

Pricing :  15,000 INR – 53,000 INR

AMD’s lestest processsor :

AMD Phenom™ II X6


Process type : 45 nm

Cores :6

Clock speed : 3.6GHz

Cache : 7 MB

HyperTransport Technology

Pricing : 7,425 INR – 9,225 INR


This is what the difference i found and there are some Myths Behind the AMD Processor:


Yes this is a thought coming to many people when they think about AMD it is driven from past. But now a days the cooling technology relatively increased in AMD . Athlon64 processor (64-bit) initial version is a processor that is very cold. They were started making processors with cool from 2003 Unfortunately, this condition is not realized by many people.


In past Amd was slow But when it launched Athlon, it is succeeded in speed and performance. New Technologies such as SSE and MMX AMD also successfully obtained and used in recent processors. In addition, modern features such as integrated memory controller was already owned. Looking at these realities, it can be concluded that the myth of “slow AMD processor” is also not true.


AMD processors used in PCs (desktops and notebooks) refers to a standard similar to other PC processors, the x86. So, compatibility problems should not arise at all. And in fact, does not exist. You can use a variety of commonly used applications, in systems that use AMD processors.

Comment your thoughts  and which one you like ????

I'm a always needed to know whats happening in technology world. I believe that "Technology" is the only word which can able to change the world and which should be more used by normal people to do their things easier.

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1 Comment

  • santhosh
    November 5, 2011 at 7:58 AM

    ya amd is better than intel because i use amd about 1 year ,no repairs and malfunction is there but i was used intel past 7 years i have many problem with it.


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