Which Linux Suitable for you?

If we think to change to linux environment  One of the main Question comes to mind is that which best distribution which we can switch over to and what are the features available in that distribution…..

Which is suitable for you?

Here are some things which i found about best distribution in each category…

Desktop Linux:

Ubuntu 11.04: 

                   There are lots of Linux distributions to replace with microsoft or Mac OSX. while it would be good to add many linux distribution in this list. But we need to know which is Best. Ubuntu gets it with tough competitors Fedora and open suse. because its development team is constantly focused on the end-user experience.Ubuntu community have spent a lot of time and resources on bringing ease-of-use tools to this distribution, particularly in the area of installing Ubuntu and installing applications within Ubuntu.
                   In addition Ubuntu support level to it’s desktop product is superior.This is important in this since most of the users likely from new users of linux. and Both official and unofficial documentation is robust and searchable it is big plus.


Laptop Linux:


                        Laptop linux comes under almost same category as desktop linux but the key fectors needed for laptop linux are Power management, Docking tools, and wireless ease-to-use is a critical needes the distribution that meet all these factors is openSUSE.
 one of the lead contenders in desktop features. openSUSE shines good with it’s best connectivity tools, such as ease-to-use networking toolset which not only handles wifi connectivity but also CDMA/cellular modem connections. openSUSE also deals with docking stations very well.


Server linux:


                      In this category there are two linux comes in for final choose is SUSE LINUX ENTERPRISE SERVER and RED HAT ENTERPRISE LINUX.
If we come to see enterprise linux SUSE linux will be better choice but when it comes to all factors of server is seen RED HAT Linux is  Still king in particular area.
                         RED HAT wins Novell with its server product, because RED HAT users get a deeply mature distribution, and Red Hat’s support structure is second to none in the enterprise channels.


Live Cd:


                    This is one of the main feature of linux that all can use linux as live cd without installing it. There are many uses for live cd linux but the main reason for this is to repair linux or windows.
                     In this section KNOPPIX is good and most useful distribution to use.Booting from Cd/Usb knoppix will let you recover from most rare crashes from any distro or windows.


Multimedia Linux:


                       Most linux distribution comes with good handling multimedia files such as playing video/audio files and youtube etc. But when we come for multimedia creators and customers there are linux that providing powerful tools to edit video and audio editing.
                       For multimedia linux Ubuntu studio is best . it contains very complete set of tools for audio,video and graphics production, as well as format and codec support is also huge renge of multimedia formats.The application contained in ubuntu studio is same or similar to those used by major studios to create cutting edge work.
These are the best linux i have chose among hundreds of distributions for each topic with separate features. for you which is best ?? if u have comments share it to let everybody know about it.

I'm a always needed to know whats happening in technology world. I believe that "Technology" is the only word which can able to change the world and which should be more used by normal people to do their things easier.

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