Difference Between Software Engineer And Software Programmer

I have been thinking to decide my carrier before two days. Then i found that i don’t know the difference between the Software Programmer and Software Engineer. Initially i thought both were same and then started to browse for that. Now here the results which i have got. First lets see what is Software Engineer.



  • Software Engineer is an Engineer who understand the customers requirement, design, coding, testing and maintenance.
  • The Engineer must be well versed with the tools and the methods used for developmental process.
  • Engineers must have managing skill, technical skill and communication skill.
  • Software Engineer design and develop many games, business applications, operating system etc.
  • They must know about the computational theory, structure of the hardware and its limitations.
  • A person with Engineering can be an Software Engineer soon

Now lets see about Software Programmer


  • Software Programmer main work is only to write, test, debug and maintain the coding.
  • After software engineers and systems analysts design software programs, the programmer converts that design to a logical series of instructions that the computer can follow.
  • Programmer can also update, repair and modify the coding.
  • The programmer can be any person who has finished their degree of computer science and has a good programming language.
  • From Software Engineer its clear that Engineer will do the work of a Programmer, So Programmer is the subset of a Engineer.


This is what i have observed. If know any thing other than this post it as your comments below 🙂

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