Aptitude Question And Answers-I

In this post lets discuss few questions related to aptitude by which you can understand few concepts.

1. Horse started to chase a dog as it relived stable two hours ago. And horse started to ran with average speed of 22kmph, horse crossed 10 meters road and two ponds with depth 3 meters and it crossed 2 small streets with 200 meters length. After travelling 6 hours, 2 hours after the sunset it got dog. Compute the speed of dog?

2. In a city the doors of buildings where numbered from 1 to 100. How many 3’s are there as the door number?

3. A monkey starts climbing up a tree of 20 feet tall. Each hour it hops 3 feet and slips back 2 feet. How long monkey will take to reach the top of the tree?

4. There are cats got together and decided to kill the mice of 999919. Each cat kills equal number of mice and each cat kills more number of mice than cats there were. Then what are the number of cats?

5. How many 13 digit numbers are possible by using the digits 1,2,3,4,5 which are divisible by 4 if repetition is allowed?

6. Six persons standing in queue with different age group, after two years their average age will be 43 and seventh person joined with them. Hence the current average age has become 45. Find the age of the 7th person.

7. Six friends go to pizza corner there are 2 types of pizzas. And six different flavors are there they have to select 2 flavors from 6 flavors. In how many ways we can select?



1. In an average speed of 22 kmph horse got dog in 6 hours

So distance=speed*time


Dog takes 8 hours to travel 132 km. So the speed if dog is


speed=132/8=16.5 kmph

Answer: 16.5 kmph

2. Most of you might have got the answer as 18 or 19. But the answer is 20.

We will have the 3’s as follows 3,13,23,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,43,53,63,73,83,93.

In 33 we have 2 3’s. So we get 20 3’s from 1 to 100.

Note: for any numbers from 1 to 9 we’ll get 20 as answer.

3. The monkey hops 3 feet and slips down 2 feet. So for the first hour it climb 1 feet.

Then for 2 hours 2 feet. Continuing the same till 17 hours, the monkey might have reached 17 feet.

In 18th hour monkey hops 3 feet and reach the 20 feet. Hence the answer is 18 hours.

4.  999919 can be written as 1000000 – 81
= 10002 – 9 ie of the form a2-b2=(a+b)(a-b)
= (1009)*(991)

Given that number of cats is less than number if mice.

So number of cats is 991  and number of mice were 1009

5. By divisibility rule of 4(Click here to know about the rule of divisibility ) only 12,24,32,44,52 are the numbers from 1 to 5 are divisible by 4.

So the remaining 11 digits can be any number from 1 to 5. So 511
Since there are 5 set of numbers we will get 5* 511 = 512 numbers divisible by 4.

6. Let ‘x’ be the average of 6 persons

Since there are 6 after 2 years the age will be increased by 2 for each. So 6*2=12

After two years age will be =x+12

Average age is 43

That is (x+12)/6=43


Let ‘y’ be the 7th person age

(x+y)/7 =45




7. 6C2 = 6*5 = 30

Note: There maybe some irrelevant data to confuse you. Concentrate well on the given question. For example you can see in question number 1


If you find any difficulty in the questions, post your queries in the comments below.

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