Data Structures : Questions and Answers

In this post lets just see few technical questions from Data Structure

1. Define Data Structure

Ans: Data Structure is a way of storing and organizing the data in a computer so that it can be used efficiently.

2. To implement  heterogeneous linked list in C language, What type of pointer will you use?

Ans : Void Pointer Void pointer is capable of storing pointer to any type as its a generic pointer

3. Minimum how many queues are required to implement priority queue?

Ans: Two One is for storing actual data ans another is for storing the priorities.

4. List few Data Structure Applications

  • Symbol table construction
  • Syntax analysis
  • Manipulation of arithmetic expressions

5. What type algorithm is used for 8-Queen Problem?

Ans: Backtracking

6. Whether linked list is a linear or non-linear data structure?

When its  Access strategies Linked list is a linear one.

When its Storage Linked List is a Non-linear one.

7. Is it possible to implement different type of element in the stack? If so how?

Ans: Yes, its possible

It can be implemented by using structure or union.

8. What is the best, average and worst case of the Binary Search Tree?

Worst Case: O(n2)

Average Case: O(n log n)

Best Case: O(n)

9. Which of the following linked list below have last node of the list pointing to the first node

a) Circular linked list

b) Circular singly linked list

c) Double linked list

d) Circular double linked list

Ans: b) Circular singly linked list

10. In graphs, a hyperedge is an edge that is allowed to take any number of _______

a) Edges

b) Nodes

c) Both a and b

Ans: a) Edges



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