Python 3 Tutorial : What is Python?

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the Python 3 Tutorial Series.  In these series of tutorials, I’ll be taking you through the world of Python 3 and I’ll be covering the basics of Python 3 Development with a few examples.  The tutorials might also taken as a quick start to those who are already familiar with Python 3. That said, Let’s start with what’s Python.

What is Python?

Python is a high level programming language that is object oriented and which is interpreted and not compiled.  Many programmers love python because of its interpretability since it increases productivity.  They do not have to sit and break their heads with compilation errors as they would with other programming languages.  Python generates errors and throws exception when an error occurs and therefore it is easy to debug the errors.  The debugger of python is itself written in python to show how powerful it is.

Python programs take less time to develop and mainly because of that, many hobbyist programmers prefer python to quickly write a program to perform certain tasks.  Python programs have 3 to 5 times lesser code to an equivalent java program.  This is because of the high level data structures used in Python’s in built-in data types and its dynamic typing.  If you wish to know more about python’s comparison with other languages, check this out.

Where is Python Used?

Python is a very powerful language that can process large amounts of data such as text, images, videos, numbers, etc which may be stored on a computer.  And for this reason, it is used in several popular websites as a daily routine. Some of them are :

  • Google’s Search Operations are carried out using Python.
  • Youtube’s videos are streamed mainly using python.  When you view a video on Youtube, a large amount of python code are being executed on the Youtube’s server.
  • The New York Stock Exchange.
  • NASA’s website

Python is commonly used to create :

  • CGI programs for web applications
  • Reading data and saving them in MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • Creating Calendars
  • Performing operations on files
  • Creating a RSS Reader

Now that we know a bit about python, lets start setting up the environment for python development.

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