PHP Beginner to Master – Installing PHP (with Tamil Tutorial)

Hello guys,

Welcome to PHP tutorials. First lets learn how install and execute PHP programs in our machine.

To install php we can manually download Apache or any server and install mysql separately.

But rather doing it we can even download it as a package of Xampp or wamp which gives us a package of apache and mysql and a control panel to work with that. you can download xampp here or wamp here. I will be using Xamp for example in this tutorial.

After downloading the xampp install it on your system.

1.Click next to continue

2. Select the directory where you want to install PHP.

3. Select to create a short cut in desktop and start menu click next to continue.

4.Wait till the files are installed.

5. Click finish to finish the installation.

6. Now the xampp control panel will be running at right corner of the screen.

7.In which you can control Start/Stop the Services.

8.Then open a note pad and type the following program

<pre><?php echo “Hello  TechTwinklers”  ?></pre> and save it as xxx.php

9.Then save it in the folder C:/xampp/htdocs/xxx.php.

10. Then go to browser type localhost and press enter you should be seeing xamp home page if  apache is running else check that and try again.

11. Now enter your file name after localhost/xxx.php Then you should be seeing that Hello Techtwinklers on the browser. 🙂


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Video Tutorial :

[youtube id=”P0RCR_yP_hM” width=”620″ height=”360″]



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