Ten Quick Facts About Php

Hello Guys,

Going to start learning PHP? check out these quick facts this will help you to know basics things about PHP.

1.  PHP is a server Side Scripting language. Used to create dynamically generated Pages. It means Php programs resides in server side of the web   site and run from there.

2. PHP is a opensource software but it is not licenced under GPL. Its licensed under PHP licence. which restricts the user to use the software name.Under this licence you can access to the source code but u cannot name your product name included php in that like “PHPCalander“. But you can use “calender for  PHP“.


3.  PHP originally stood for personal home page but at 1995 it was renamed as PHP:Hyper Text Preprocessor its a recursive acronym.

4.  Current PHP version is 5.4 which uses the zend engine2 (open source virtual engine) which offers many oop features.

5.  Using PHP you can Create images, Read and write files ,toquery database and lot more things.

6.  PHP can be run using any Server like IIS or Apache or Tomcat.

7.  PHP can be run using any operation system Windows or MAC os, or linux.

8.  PHP is popular since its directly embedded on to the HTML code.

9.  PHP is installed on over 20 million websites and 1 million web servers.

75% of Web 2.0 sites are built in PHP.

There are about 5-6 million PHP developers worldwide.

10.  Some of the popular sites using PHP are Facebook, Yahoo, Digg,  Flickr.

These are top ten Facts about PHP. Questions and Suggestions are most welcome.

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