MS Word Trick: More Than One Format of Page Numbering in a Single Document

Hello Everyone… I’m here to tell you how to insert more than one format of page numbers in a single document in just 3 steps.

For past one month i was busy preparing documentation for my project. By that time i found very difficult to give page number in two formats like (i,ii,iii, etc… and 1,2,3, etc…). Then i found the after a long search i wish to share that trick with you now. Now lets go to the tutorial.


Step 1: Create a document with one format of page number. To insert Page number Goto Insert–> Page Number–> Then select the place where page number have to be displayed.

Step 2:  After inserting the page number, in some case you want to give different formatting for the next page. To do so goto Page Layout–>Break–> Next Page. Now this will create next section in your document, Which means now you have two section of document

Step 3: Now move to the new page created. Then once again goto Insert–> Page Number–> Format Page Number. A Dialog Box will appear. In that change the option from Continue From Previous Section to Start at and give the starting page number of the newly created section and change the format you want at the top.

Finally we got what we want..!

That’s it. Now you have two formats of page number in a single document.

Like this you can create any number of section you want to have different numbering styles.

[information]I have used MS WORD 2007 and i can’t find a way to insert an empty page in the middle. If you’ve any suggestion for creating empty page in the middle of the document share your comments below.[/information]

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