Interview Tips

This post is to share few tips for interviews. I am telling all these points from my own experience.

  • Good Communication
  • Be bold in answering questions
  • Though you think you are wrong with the answer  just give a try to answer the questions which is asked in HR rounds or be frank to them if you don’t know the answer completely
  • If you are asked to write a program, Try out with the concept which you understood.
  • Prepare the basic of all the language which you know already, That is I am telling in the view that, if a company is basically working with Java and you know PHP,ASP,etc please go through all the languages. Since you can expect the questions only from your resumes
  • As I said in above point questions will be based on your resume, Keep your resume clear and updated always. Check your resume before you attend every interviews
  • Be clear with you main project and mini project concepts and the technology used for your project
  • When you are asked to tell about yourself, don’t tell about your negative. Tell about negative only if they ask from you.
  • Have eye contact with the  HRs or the person interviewing you
  • If there is Panel of people address all the people, don’t have contact with only one person in the panel
  • Don’t forget about taking pen, paper and extra resumes
  • Move the things politely, While you take a chair or something in the hall
  • Ask permission before you enter, take your place, etc and convey thanks to them
  • Speak out in the Group discussion round… Just tell your point in that… Don’t make it to be a debate
  • Be an initiator or a concluding person for GD that will make you to clear the round for 90%
  • Be clear with your goal and dream and for the questions like where you will see yourself after few years, etc
  • And in written exam if you are ask to write in separate white sheet, follow that. Don’t use Question paper for marking. In short listen to all the instructions given by them.


Hope it is useful for you all. If you have any suggestion of your own kindly post it in comments below

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  • Nagaraj
    September 16, 2012 at 1:34 PM

    It is usefull for me .thank you sir


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