Top 5 Ways To Protect Your SmartPhone From Being Stolen

Recently, One of my friend’s smartphone got stolen and it really hurts me a lot as if I’ve lost my own. I’m pretty sure most of you will feel the same when you lose your precious phone, because we don’t consider our phone as just a phone. It’s a part of our lifestyle, holding our memories, conversations and acting as a personal friend for many. I’m sharing few of my thoughts how you can protect your precious device below :

Precautions :

You might be getting a lot of text messages from your friends, saying you can text your phone’s IMEI number to some email address, that will help you to track the location of your device with the help of police. But c’mon! Everyday, tens of thousands of phones are being stolen in every state in India, can the police really track every one of them just because you weren’t careful enough to take care of it? I really can’t blame the police on this, because they too have high priority jobs than running and tracking every smartphone that we’ve lost. Even if they do allot time for tracking your phone, the best that they can get is the not-so-accurate location which is approximate to around 2km radius from your device. The police can’t go and check everyone’s pocket in that location range, whether its your phone or not, unless you are that important to the country. Stating that, I’m not telling you can never find your phone, I’m just telling that it is really really tough to retrieve it back once you’ve lost it.

Always, keep your phone’s IMEI number handy, text it to your friends or write it down somewhere in a safe place where you can access it anytime. Knowing this, let’s get started with my 5 ways how you can protect your phone from theft :

5. Strap your phone to your wrist with a cellphone lanyard :

Yeah, I know this sounds kind of crazy, because most of you don’t do it. If you take me, I save a lot of money to buy high end gadgets for myself and I always strap it to my wrist with a lanyard, which has saved my phones hundreds of times from accidental falls and snatches in the last 5 years. When I friends laugh at me for wearing it and when they lose their phones or drop it and break it, I get the last laugh. I’ve fallen asleep with my Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Xperia S and Z2, in my hand with it strapped even while travelling in public buses and trains, and only that strap have saved me a lot of times. So, if you don’t mind a small strap on your hand and if your phone has a wrist strap hole, get a Rs.10 mobile lanyard that can serious protect your phone in many ways.

4. Insure your phone when you buy it :

Nowadays, many of us buy mobile phones from Online stores, and we get so excited about it and forget to insure the device. That extra Rs.500 insurance can come handy when you’ve lost your device, and you can claim almost half the price of your device if you get a report from the police that they can’t find it or you’ve accidentally dropped it.

3. Use an anti-theft software to protect your device (Optional) :

Yes, it’s a battery killer, but it can also be a life saver for your phone. There are various apps in the play store and the app store that provides anti-theft support, that can help you remotely wipe all the data on your phone if your phone is lost, sound an alarm and other features.

Avast Anti-Theft :
Comodo Anti-Theft :
AVG Antivirus :

2. Use your lock screen properly (MANDATORY):

Most of your phones have a custom message that you can display on the lock screen (Eg. “Owner’s info” on Android). Provide a message that will make sense when your phone is lost. For example, provide a message like “If you find my phone, kindly contact +91XXXXXXXXXX”, and make sure that phone number is NOT YOURS! Provide your family’s phone number or your trusty friend’s number on that, so if you’ve missed your phone and a genuine good soul who gets a hand on your phone, he/she may contact you to that number. Having a message with your name, or your boy/girlfriend’s name, or any random text which you think is worthy to be there, isn’t going to help.

Most importantly, make sure you also have a Screen lock using a PIN, Password or a Pattern, so that at least your phone content ‘may be’ secure, coz you don’t want the stranger who got the hands on your lost device, taking a look at your selfies, do you?

Also, if you have a very trustable techie as your friend, give your Google Account password to him/her so that they can immediately block access to your device from others when it’s lost. You can also share your location with them on Google+, so that they can track your phone’s location almost accurately if the phone you lost has access to the internet with location services turned on.

1. Use the Google Device Manager on your Android Phone & Find My iPhone feature on an iPhone:

Your smartphone already comes with security features that can help you ring the phone’s speakers aloud, lock the screen with a custom message, locate the phone’s location and erase the contents of your phone when it’s lost. For iPhone users, this feature must have been already set when you have activated your phone, and for Android users, download the Device Manager app and allow it to your control your phone. Make sure, you set the location services and the Mobile Data connection turned on in order for this to work.

Download the device manager here :

So, my phone is lost, What now?

Last but not least, even if you done all the above, it still doesn’t mean that you can retrieve your phone back unless you have a lot of luck. The phone grabbers of today, are much more advanced, they immediately flash it, take out the SIM card and switch it off for a month so that no one can find it. If you’ve lost your phone, don’t lose your heart, get a new phone soon if your chances of getting your lost phone isn’t high. ¬†Always keep an eye on your phone, wear tighter jeans if you are keeping it in your pockets and always keep your handbags close if you are in a sleepy state while traveling. And most importantly, file a complaint with the local police, so that you won’t be caught if the stranger who got hands on your phone, does some illegal stuff.

If you like this post, kindly share this with this your friends. If you need any help regarding configuring any of the options above, feel free to contact me via Twitter (@Parithi) or Facebook ( If you have any comments, better ways to protect the phone, use the form below to share your thoughts.

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