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PHP Interview Questions And Answers – II

1. Which of the following functions allows you to store session data in a database? A. session_start(); B. session_set_save_handler(); C. mysql_query(); D. You cannot store session data in a database. Answer: B You can use session_set_save_handler() to override PHP’s default session-handling functions and store session data any way you want. 2. How can you insert

Interview Tips

This post is to share few tips for interviews. I am telling all these points from my own experience. Good Communication Be bold in answering questions Though you think you are wrong with the answer  just give a try to answer the questions which is asked in HR rounds or be frank to them if

Features of Jelly Bean (Android 4.1)

Hi everyone it has been long to see you all. Few days back Google has released it’s next version of Android, Yes it’s none other than Jelly Bean (Android 4.1). I am here to discuss few features of Jelly Bean. Support It provides support for few languages like Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, etc Better character support for

Facebook Messenger Review

Hello friends!! It has been nearly long since Facebook has released its own messenger in web, for which most of the FB users were waiting… But just few days back i’ve seen this messenger and found still few of my friends don’t knew about the facebook messenger. So here i’ll tell you what i knew

PHP Interview Questions

Hello Everyone…. I’ve attended two interviews in last month I would like to share the questions which were asked to me during the technical HR. It was basically Web designing and development companies. So most of the questions were from PHP, MySQL, C and C++. I’ll tell you want happened there as I remember now.

Java Tutorial Guide

Hi guys…. It’s being very long to see you all. Here I came to give you some few guidelines to start to work in Java. Here is a link to download a pdf file: [button color=”green” link=”” target=”_blank”]INTRODUCTION TO JAVA[/button] It tells about few basics, how to save, compile and run a program. Hope it’ll

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