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PHP beginner to master Part 3: Strings and numbers

Hello guys, In php tutorial  series we will now learn about the strings, Integer and float functions in PHP. Strings :String concatenation:We can concatenate strings using the dot(.) operator. For Example <?php$first=”hello from techtwinklers “;$second=”presented by arumugam”;$third =$first; echo $third .=$second; ?> Other Functions :Output will be  as :  hello from techtwinklers presented by arumugam. Change

Ten Quick Facts About Php

Hello Guys, Going to start learning PHP? check out these quick facts this will help you to know basics things about PHP. 1.  PHP is a server Side Scripting language. Used to create dynamically generated Pages. It means Php programs resides in server side of the web   site and run from there. 2. PHP is a opensource

Welcome To TechTwinklers!

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