C Aptitude Questions and Answers

1. Guess the output main() { float a=8.4; double b=8.4; if (a==b) pritnf (“Both are same”); else printf (“They are different”); } 2. Which of the following statements should be used to  obtain the reminder after dividing 56.4/6.3? a.  rem = 56.4%6.3; b. rem = fmod(56.4,6.3); c. rem = modf(56.4,6.3); d.  Remainder cannot be obtained

Make Your Windows 7 Run Faster.

The minimum Requirements you want to run windows 7 , 1GHz processor (32- or 64-bit) 1GB of main memory 16GB of available disk space Support for DX9 graphics with 128MB of memory (for the Aero interface) A DVD – R/W drive Lets start the guidelines for speed up windows 7 1. Removing Spywares and viruses: Viruses

Browser Tip : Your Browser Can Talk!

Hi Everyone, Tried of reading eye-straining long articles on the Web like a Wikipedia article? If yes, then try listening to them using vozMe. This service converts text-to-speech almost instantly and helps you listen to an article in a soft voice which can help you to understand the article without straining your precious eyes. Here’s

An USB Flash Drive with Infinite Capacity?

We’ve been using Flash drives and External Hard disk quite frequently nowadays and we always have boundary with all these devices that gives these devices a limit.  And that’s memory! Even though our hard disks and flash drives have a lot of capacity, it still has point at which it fills up and we are

Windows Trick : Performance Monitoring

Here’s the Next Cool Trick for Windows : If you are wondering how your Windows System is performing and would like to see a report on it in form a Visual Graph, Tables, etc : 1. Goto Run. 2. Type in ‘perfmon.msc’ and hit Enter. 3. This opens up the ‘Performance Monitor’ where you can

Windows Trick : Inbuilt Install Creator

Here’s a Cool Trick, you might want to try if you wish to create your own installation file which extracts your files to a client’s computer. Here’s how you do it : 1. Goto ‘Run’. 2. Type in ‘iexpress’ and hit Enter. 3. Wait for the IExpress Wizard to popup. 4. Select ‘Create a new

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