PHP Interview Questions

Hello Everyone…. I’ve attended two interviews in last month I would like to share the questions which were asked to me during the technical HR. It was basically Web designing and development companies. So most of the questions were from PHP, MySQL, C and C++. I’ll tell you want happened there as I remember now.

ParaDrop : Just Another Simple File Sharing Freeware

Hey Everyone, I’m back with another freeware which might help you to share files with your freeware instantly.  Presenting, ParaDrop : Instructions : Using ParaDrop is very easy.  Just drag and drop any files onto the application and click ‘Upload File’.  The file will be uploaded to the cloud and you will receive a URL

Java Tutorial Guide

Hi guys…. It’s being very long to see you all. Here I came to give you some few guidelines to start to work in Java. Here is a link to download a pdf file: [button color=”green” link=”” target=”_blank”]INTRODUCTION TO JAVA[/button] It tells about few basics, how to save, compile and run a program. Hope it’ll

How To : Generate a Google+ RSS Feed – March 2012

Google+ is now one of the most popular social networks and many of you would be requiring a RSS Feed for your Google+ Profile to use in your applications.  Although there were many applications which could generate a Google+ RSS Feed, most of them have gone dead because of the increasing changes in Google+ API.

Python 3 Tutorial : What is Python?

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the Python 3 Tutorial Series.  In these series of tutorials, I’ll be taking you through the world of Python 3 and I’ll be covering the basics of Python 3 Development with a few examples.  The tutorials might also taken as a quick start to those who are already familiar with Python

Python 3 Tutorial : Python 3 Basics

Let’s start with the Basics of Python : [information]Note : This tutorial is written with an assumption that you already have a basic knowledge of any other object oriented programming language.[/information] Python files or modules have the extension of .py. You can execute them in a command line using ‘python’ where ‘python’ is the

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