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Tata Docomo Vs AirTel : Docomo is a Clear Winner?

Hey fellas, I’ve been using AirTel as my primary mobile operator for about 3 years now and I hardly regretted in using it until I started to use Tata Docomo for quite a while recently. ¬†First of all, I’m very happy with Docomo’s services with its cheaper tariff plans, faster internet speeds and good customer

Question Bank for ECE – 7th Semester Anna University

Here is a list of Question Banks for the Electronics & Communication Engineering students of Anna University who are preparing for the VIIth Semester exam : Optical_Communication_Question_Bank Microwave_Engineering_Question_Bank Television-Engineering-2007-Paper Optical-Communication-2007-Paper Microwave-Engineering-2007-Paper HighSpeedNetworks-2009-Paper Embedded-System-2009-Paper_new Optical-Communication-2008-Paper TELEVISION-AND-VIDEO-ENGINEERING-2008-Paper SatelliteCommunication – 2008 SatelliteCommunication – 2009


Two days before i had a big doubt about the major processor brands Intel and AMD which one is best…what is difference between Intel and AMD? which is better? what all the unique features they having? and i started discovering it and finally came to decision…here i provide what i found….   Intel AMD Created

Tricks To Speedup Your Maths Ability.

Here are some easy way to solve aptitude or mathematics questions.   1. An easy way to multiply numbers which is nearer to 100,1000,10000 etc.. Now let us multiply 6573848 with 999 999=1000-1 So, we can take 6573848(1000-1) =6573848*1000-(6573848) =6573848000-6573848 =6567274152 You can follow the similar way for other nearer numbers, if its greater than

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